What is facial acupuncture?

While acupuncture points on the face have been used for a wide variety of symptoms such as pain, acne, insomnia and stress for centuries, there is a now a relatively new form of acupuncture called facial or cosmetic acupuncture. Facial acupuncture targets the signs of a busy, stressful lifestyle that are reflected on our face and in our complexion.

While most clients who receive facial acupuncture do so to improve their appearances, many find the balancing effects of the particular style of facial acupuncture practiced at Dr Thompson’s practice also enhances their sense of well being.

What can you expect during your facial acupuncture treatments?

During your initial consultation your expectations, and any concerns you may have, will be discussed. A treatment plan will be agreed on that not only focuses on your outer beauty, but also incorporates the treatment of any other health complaints or imbalances that may be present. Improving your general health augments the results of your facial acupuncture.

  • A typical treatment protocol consists of 60-minute appointments, twice a week for approximately 6 weeks.
  • Hair fine needles are inserted into specific areas and points on the face and body
  • Special facial massage techniques may also be incorporated and, if necessary, cupping.
  • Due to the on going effects of ageing and other factors, such as diet, lifestyle and your general health, maintenance treatments may be necessary. This will vary between individuals and will be discussed during your treatment program.
  • Facial acupuncture should be regarded as a gradual process and results may vary.

Please contact the rooms if you would like any further information on our facial acupuncture treatments.