Acupuncture is an increasingly popular choice to support those experiencing difficulty in falling pregnant or undergoing assisted conception. Acupuncture aims to help correct imbalances within the body, on both an emotional and a physical level. The women whom I’ve treated have all found acupuncture to be very relaxing during a time that can be exceedingly stressful. Herbal medicine can be used alongside acupuncture to maximise these benefits.

There are many aspects to falling pregnant:

  • Understanding your fertility
    • Assessing your fertility
    • A women’s fertility
    • A man’s fertility
    • Is your lifestyle affecting your fertility?
  • Getting ready: preparing your mind and body for pregnancy
    • Managing your emotions
    • Your relationship
    • Nutrition
    • Acupuncture
  • If you’re not getting pregnant naturally
    • Investigations for women and men
    • Treatment options
  • Assisted conception and IVF

I believe that a multi-disciplinary view on fertility, encompassing conventional and complementary medicine, ensures a holistic approach where every aspect of the body is considered and addressed. When you are choosing a complementary medicine therapy, spend some time researching what is available and what best suits your needs. In my experience, everyone has some aspect of his or her life that is out of balance (lifestyle, emotional, physical, work or home). You will need to find a practitioner that you are comfortable with and that you can foster a trusting relationship with.

Acupuncture and other complementary medicines can offer a lot of support to women trying to conceive, whether naturally or through assisted fertility treatment. In recent years, the medical profession has become more open to accepting acupuncture as the research and evidence base increases.

If you would like to find out more about acupuncture, fertility and / or pregnancy and how our sessions are structured please contact our rooms.